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Project Name: “Untitled 8 Part Mini -Series – Native American Project”
Film Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Tentative Start Date; October 2016
Valid Passport Required
Casting Team: Henry Jäderlund, David Brantley
All Positions are PAID.
Audition Location: “Self Tape”
Compensation: Professional Pay – Non-Union
TECUMSEH: 25-45: (Shawnee) One word best describes this Shawnee leader: formidable. A fearsome warrior, he is even more impressive as a spokesman and advocate for first pan-Indian alliance. Handsome, articulate, compassionate and prescient, allies and foes alike describe his passion for his people and humility about his own fate. A titan of the early 19th Century, he tries to bring together the world of the Native Americans and the world of the whites without conflict; his failure doesn’t just cost him his own dream of a united Indian alliance, it costs him his life.
TENSKWATAWA- “THE PROPHET”: 25-40: Tecumseh’s younger brother, he is dwarfed by his sibling’s imposing personality and physical presence. If Tecumseh is formidable, Tenskwatawa is awkward and, to some extent, vulnerable. But when Tenskwatawa’s religious vision galvanizes Indians from tribes across the country, he gives his brother the spiritual platform he needs to build his pan-Indian political alliance.
BLACKFISH: 40-55: (Shawnee) War Chief and leader of the Chillicothe Shawnee. Once a mighty warrior, he’s matured into an equally powerful leader determined to defend his people’s Kentucky hunting grounds from White incursions.  Smart, decisive, and compassionate, he admires Daniel Boone’s frontier skills so much that he adopts him as his son into his tribe after capturing him during a raid.
SACAGAWEA: 18-25: Shosone Indian woman who accompanies Lewis and Clark on their exploration of the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase. Despite her young age (she’s just 15 or 16 at the time) and the fact that she has a newborn son, her resourcefulness, stamina and determination prove as invaluable to the expedition as her knowledge of native languages and cultures.
CORE NATIVES 18-55:  Various Supporting Roles