Talent : 505.55.ACTOR
Producers Call: 757.813.4300


YES the rumors are TRUE !!
We are excited to announce that we Have Multiple Projects gearing up (BACK to BACK) and we are looking for new faces!!
We will be holding open calls in , Washington D.C and Raleigh N.C. this coming week !
Washington D.C : JULY 13th 2016
Raleigh N.C : JULY 14th 2016
How do I sign up? 
Select the City  you wish to attend the open call at. You then will need to  schedule a time you would like to attend.
Please keep in mind that building Security in DC & Raleigh may require a valid government ID to gain entry into building.  So please be sure to bring your identification. (minors must have legal guardian present)
Are there FEES? NO
What you’ll Need:
BRING a current color photo. (Does NOT have to be professional.) No wigs, makeup or sunglasses in photos and please shoot it from the waist up.
BRING a pen or pencil.
You do not need to prepare for an audition, we will be simply meet you, have you fill out a registration card, attach your photo and send you on your way.
Thank you, and we can’t wait to meet you !!