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Project Name: “Legends & Lies” S2
Film Location: Virginia
Casting Team: Henry Jäderlund, David Brantley
All Positions are PAID.
Location: Richmond VA
Compensation: Professional Pay
GENERAL WILLIAM HOWE: CAUCASIAN MALE  late 40s  Well known British General who helped lead British forces in the field during the Battle of Bunker Hill and later took command of British forces after the removal of Thomas Gage.
LIEUTENANT COLONEL JAMES PATTERSON: CAUCASIAN MALE  25-35 British officer serving under Howe  
ETHAN ALLEN:  CAUCASIAN MALE  30 -40S Allen was born in Connecticut in 1737 or 1738 and was in his late 30s/early 40s He’s sort of a New England version of the south’s Francis Marion; rugged, Caucasian male.
JUDGE EDWARD SHIPPEN: CAUCASIAN MALE  50’S Father of Peggy Shippen and identified in our series simply as “Judge Shippen”. Born in Pennsylvania in 1729 and about fifty years old during
ROBERT TOWNSEND: CAUCASIAN MALE  40’s Intelligence operative and member of the Culper Spy Ring and would have been in his forties
GENERAL SIR HENRY CLINTON: CAUCASIAN MALE  240’s A British General, Clinton was born in 1730 and would be in his mid-late 40s
LIEUTENANT GABRIEL MARION: CAUCASIAN MALE  20’s Nephew of Francis Marion. Ability to ride a horse important with this one.
BANASTRE TARLETON: CAUCASIAN MALE  20-35 Well known and infamous British Dragoon officer responsible for numerous outrages in the south during the Revolution. British accent and ability to ride a horse both critical here. Longer hair a strong asset. Would have been in his late-20s can play late 20s – early 30s.
CAPTAIN ALEXANDER MCQUEEN: CAUCASIAN MALE  30s-40s American soldier, though can probably play rugged, but not overly muscular 30-something (30-early 40s).
GENERAL LORD CHARLES CORNWALLIS:CAUCASIAN MALE 40’s  Well-known British General who was born in 1738 and would be in his 40s. Like Howe and Clinton, Brittish accent
GEORGE SIMS: CAUCASIAN MALE  50s Patriot farmer from South Carolina in his 50s, thin, hard working type,
MARY RICHARDSON: CAUCASIAN FEMALE  25-35 Widow of a plantation owner and soldier in her 30s who is tormented by Tarleton and his men.
HENRY “LIGHTHORSE HARRY” LEE: CAUCASIAN MALE  Late 20’s  American General in the Revolution and father of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. He would be in his late 20s, early 30s, Horsemanship skills a plus.
“BAXTER”: Hardened southerner serving under Francis Marion
DANIEL SHAYS: CAUCASIAN MALE  30 -40s  Born in 1747, Shays would be in his late 30s, early 40s. He was a Massachusetts native and Revolutionary War veteran who led an uprising in the late 1780s known as “Shay’s Rebellion”.
MAJOR GENERAL WILLIAM SHEPHERD: CAUCASIAN MALE  50’s Aged fifty, Shepherd was the commanding officer of the Massachusetts Militia during the 1780s.
JAMES MADISON: CAUCASIAN MALE  Late 30’s  “founding father”, Madison was a key engineer of the Constitution and the Fourth President of the United States. Born in 1751, he would be 37 years old. Diminutive, he was about 100 pounds and 5’4.
EDMUND RANDOLPH: CAUCASIAN MALE Late 30’s The “large, fleshy Governor of Virginia” in our series, born in 1753 he would be in his late 30.
WILLIAM PATERSON: CAUCASIAN MALE  40’s  Signer of the Constitution and future Governor of New Jersey, he would be in his 40s.
GOUVERNEUR MORRIS:  CAUCASIAN MALE  30-40s Congressman from Pennsylvania in his mid-late 30s (could go early 40s).
AARON BURR: CAUCASIAN MALE  50’s Controversial “Founding Father” born in 1756. Though he served as a young man in the American Revolution, he would be fifty years old. Burr was Vice President under Thomas Jefferson, was involved in numerous controversies and shot and killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel in 1804. Note, Burr’s first scene calls for him to be bearded, and then he becomes clean shaven by a barber.
JAMES MCHENRY: CAUCASIAN MALE  40’s  Irish-born politician and Secretary of War under John Adams. Would be in his forties
TIMOTHY PICKERING:  CAUCASIAN MALE  50’s Massachusetts-born Secretary of State under John Adams, would be in his fifties.
JOHANN RALL: CAUCASIAN MALE  50’s Fifty-year old German-born Colonel in command of Hessian soldiers during the Battle of Trenton in 1776. German accent important. Ability to ride horses and commanding military presence very good assets here.
COLONEL CARL VON DONOP: CAUCASIAN MALE  40’s Subordinate of Rall’s and another Hessian officer in his 40s. German accent important. Ability to ride horses and commanding military presence very good assets here.
BETSY ROSS/WIDOW: CAUCASIAN FEMALE  20s  Ross, famous for her role in making early American Flag was a young widow in her twenties when she possibly had an affair with Von Donop in an effort to distract him during a key phase of the American operation at Trenton.