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Casting Notice
Project: VA-RCP (I.S.T.V) VIPC
Casting Director: Henry Jäderlund
Filming Location: Richmond Virginia
Compensation: See Rate Listed next to Role/ Opportunity  (+10% Agency Fee if Applicable )
Tentative Film Dates: Jan -March 2023
Submission Deadline: 4-30-2023
Accepting: All Submissions


 FEATURED  FEMALE MINOR BG :  Rate $400/5  Female Age Range 5-10,African American. Pay rate $400/5.

 The Patient: Age Range 50 -70s, Male , Open Ethnicity – a middle-aged or an elderly man compromised by C.Diff.  Pay rate $600/8.

 Nurse Regina:  Age Range 30-40s , Female, Open Ethnicity.  -a 30-40 year old woman, a nurse who takes care of the patient and accidentally gives C.Diff a chance to escape. Pay rate $600/8.

 Acinetobacter : 30-50s  – Thin middle-aged Female , Open Ethnicity – Cruella Deville 101 Dalmatians meets Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter) The Fight Club. She is a skinny middle-aged woman with teased hair and a trashy flamboyant outfit. Her behavior is over the top,dominating, insecure and hysterical.  Pay rate $600/8.

 Mr. Sana: Age Range  60-80,  Male, Open Ethnicity – a 60-80 years old man, a very sick patient who is being taken over Pay rate $600/8.

 Nurse Christina: Age Range 40-50, Female, Open Ethnicity -a 40-50-year-old woman, representation of the Progressive Flo character in our world, strategic and knowledgeable. She’s the one who makes sure her invisible foe Acinetobacter doesn’t get out of control.Pay rate $600/8.

 Nurse Regina: Age Range  18-28,  Female , Open Ethnicity -a young woman in her 20s, she is new to the nursing field. Acinetobacter is in desperate expectation that she makes a mistake, Pay rate $600/8.

 Dr. Bob: Age Range 40-60s , Male, Open Ethnicity -a classic middle-aged doctor. He is also one of Acinetobacter’s chances to escape. Pay rate $600/8.

 Tom: Age Range 30-40s , Male, Open Ethnicity – a hospital dietary staff member. He is a hard-working man in his 30-40s who is very busy running around the hospital and just doesn’t have time to care to protect himself from the evil Acinetobacter.  Pay rate $600/8.

 Florence Nightingale: Age Range 30-40s , Female, Open Ethnicity : A depiction of the famous nurse at the age of 30-40 years old. She is a painting who can’t keep it to herself any longer as she watches the nurses breaking the most basic rules . She comes to life to teach them a lesson. Pay rate $600/8.

 Nurse Barbara: Age Range 30-40s , Female, Open Ethnicity – a 30-40-year-old woman, she is caring for a patient when suddenly a painting on the wall reminds her how to do it properly.  Pay rate $600/8.

 Nurse Sam: Age Range 20s , Transgender Female, Open Ethnicity  BFOQ – a young and hip transgender woman in her 20s who happens to meet her idol Florence Nightingale in person. Pay rate $600/8.

 Janitor Oliver: Age Range 50-60s , Male, Open Ethnicity – a 50–65-year-old man who casually forgets the rules that apply to all hospital staff but Florence Nightingale is on a mission to remind everyone. Pay rate $600/8.

 The Patient: Age Range 65+ , Female, Open Ethnicity – an elderly woman who seems not so shocked by Florence Nightingale. Pay rate $600/8.


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