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How do I become an actor?

To become a TV actor you must have a passion for acting and working in the TV industry.
You must have a talent for acting and you must also have a strong determination and hard shell, as you will get rejected lots of times, before you even get one TV show part or TV commercial. After training, television actress hopefuls, as well as TV actors usually join an agency. They are promoted through a database and sent to various castings and auditions. You must always follow the correct protocol for castings and auditions.
You must keep trying no matter how many times you audition, you should research and take advantage of every opportunity because eventually you will be chosen for the right opportunity . The trick is to keep busy and constantly meet people and make contacts.

How can I get represented by Casting?

Jäderlund Casting is NOT an agency, therefore, we do not represent actors. A casting company represent the production company, helping them find the right candidates for their production.
To be considered for auditions at Jäderlund Casting, you may have your Agent submit you, you may  self nominate or you may come to one of our open calls.
You may also submit HERE

What is a 'Local Hire'

a bona fide resident of the community in which you reside within a 50-mile radius of SET.

How long after I submit will I hear back from Jäderlund Casting?

Depending on the project, if you are selected for the project, it can be a matter of fifteen minutes or a few hours. In the case of a shoot that will happen in a few days, you may hear from us in a couple of days rather than immediately. Do not feel that you have to wait around for us to call you back; it is more important that a person secures work even if it is an other opportunity. However, once you accept a booking from us, we expect you to keep it.

I submitted right after the casting notice was posted on the line, but I didn’t hear back. Why?

Submitting right after an opportunity was posted does not guarantee you the role. We must cast the right person for the right role. If a role is “for photo submission,” we may be waiting on the production team to tell us whom they’ve chosen.

How do I get seen by Jäderlund Casting?

You can  be considered for projects by submitting photos and information about yourself. Please follow carefully the instructions on the Talent Submission Page.
As a rule, we do not do general interviews – specifically for the purpose of meeting new talent. Unless you schedule a ONE on ONE.
We keep your pictures on file and if you are right for a job, you will be contacted for an audition. Also, once you get an agent they will be proactive about getting you in front of us.

Can I meet Henry Jäderlund ?

As the head of  Casting, Mr. Jäderlund and his team are often in production meetings, production phone calls or visiting sets. Between that time, be assured that he hears about every person who comes in to register and he always makes an effort to say hello to actors while visiting sets.

What is an Agent? What is a Casting Director?

That’s a good question and one that often confuses new talent.
A TALENT AGENT works for you to get you acting or modeling jobs. Your agent will tell you what you need in the way of pictures, resumes, comp cards, demos, etc. in order for them to market you most effectively to potential clients. CLIENTS can be production companies, producers, photographers, ad agencies, casting directors, and sometimes the actual client, the company who is buying the advertising or video like a local car dealership or a company like Garmin or Hallmark where they have their own in-house production facility.
A CASTING DIRECTOR is hired by the producer to facilitate the casting process. The casting director works with the talent agencies from which talent are requested to attend a casting session. A casting director will only contact you directly if you are a self submit.

What is the difference between available and booked?

A: If you leave your availability or we ask for it, this does not necessarily mean you are booked. Sometimes we just need to know who is available so we have a good pool to choose from when booking time comes. Someone must call or email you with a confirmation in order to officially be booked. From there, you will then be given directions with wardrobe, location, parking information, etc.
If you are unsure, please ask before showing up to set. We will be forced to turn you away if you were not confirmed.

Will Casting ever call me?
If you fit a role we are seeking to fill, absolutely! But remember, there are thousands of other actors in our files – check the hotline regularly, update your headshots at least once a year.
Can I bring a guest with me when I work?

Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bring a guest with you. Minors, however, are required to have one guardian (18 years of age or older).

How does payment work ?

Payment differs from project to project, but you are legally guaranteed at least minimum wage. You will then fill out a voucher with your information.
Keep in mind, we are  not hiring you, we are casting you. The production company hires and is Employer of Record  and is therefore responsible for payment. Keep a copy of your voucher for your records, and if you have any questions or concerns with your payment, call the number on your voucher.

Do I need to keep my voucher?

You Must Keep your Vouchers for Reference

At the end of the workday, a production team member will sign your voucher and give you a copy. Please save this copy. It is your receipt for working that day.
Casting does not process payroll. If your check does not arrive in a timely manner, you may call the number provided by the payroll company handling said production.
Your payroll company is also your employer of record.
American Residuals & Talent: (805) 526-9119
Cast & Crew: (818) 848-6022
Capps (310) 280-0755
CineCom: (310) 306-0165
Columbia/Sony/Tri-Star c/o CPT Holdings & SPE Services: (310) 665-6475
EMS Payroll (818) 386-0905
EP Talent Services: (800) 417-0037
Film Payment Media Services: (310) 471-9386
Fox: (310) 269-4890
MACC Pro Website
MGM/UA Communications: (310) 449-3549
NBC Universal: (818) 777-1761
Paramount Pictures/CBS: (323) 956-5340
Payday Inc: (818) 995-4358
RPI-Residuals Payments Inc: (310) 471-9386
Screen Actors Guild Spotlight: (312) 726-4404 x5886
Sessions: (818) 841-5202
Talent Partners: (312) 923-7572
Team Services: (818) 558-3261
Walt Disney Productions/ABC: (818) 558-2931
Warner Bros: (818) 954-4636

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