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Casting Notice: History Channel Mini- Series
Casting Director: Henry Jäderlund / David Brantley
Filming Location: New York
Compensation: Professional Pay / NU
Tentative Film Dates: October -November 2018
Submission Deadline: 09/25/2018

Project: History Channel Mini-Series



  HENRY HEINZ (40s)   HENRY HEINZ – Caucasian Male age range 40-50

Unlike the rest of his cut-throat competitors who are motivated by greed, Henry Heinz is an earnest entrepreneur. His ambition and drive are tempered by his high moral character and desire to improve the lives of the common man. When his first business goes bankrupt, he makes sure to pay back his creditors even though he’s under no obligation. Heinz believes if he makes a product that betters the lives of Americans, the profits will follow. His relentless drive to push the envelop is guided by his sense of pride, his intense curiosity for science and technology, and his belief in progress. However, he isn’t afraid to engage in underhanded product placement, or to lobby the government for harsher food safety laws in order to turn his competitors into criminals.


  JOHN KELLOGG – Caucasian Male age range 40-50

A renowned doctor who’s considered the top surgeon in the country, success has always come easily for John Kellogg. As the director of the nation’s premier health resort, he believes in following a vegetarian diet and maintaining absolute abstinence. When he’s not performing surgery, he’s inventing new, easy-to-digest cereals for his patients. Smug, conceited and egotistical, John looks down upon his younger brother, Will. And when Will pressures him to market their cereal to turn a profit, John’s self-righteous refusal causes a vengeful rift between the two brothers that will torment John for the rest of his life.


  WILL KELLOGG – Caucasian Male age range 30-40

Will’s grown up in the shadow of his older brother, John Kellogg. Unable to live up to John’s accomplishments, Will’s spent his entire life feeling like a disappointment. He has no real education, but has real-world business experience after managing a broom making company.  When his brother offers him a low-paying job working at John’s health resort, he sees it as an opportunity to prove himself. But instead, he’s constantly subjected to his brother’s demeaning criticism. Will’s entrepreneurial ideas are laughed at and quickly dismissed. Determined to prove he’s not a failure, Will puts everything on the line to start his own a cereal company, igniting a bitter rivalry with his brother. Will ultimately finds the success he’s always wanted, but never redemption in his brother’s eyes.


  C.W. POST – Caucasian Male age range 40-50

Plagued by stomach diseases brought on by stress, C.W. Post is a cut-throat businessman trapped in a broken man’s body. The closer he gets to realizing his ambitions of success and fortune, the more the stress eats away at him. Willing to lie, cheat and steal to get his cereal business off the ground and keep his competition in check, Post doesn’t care who he has to step on to climb to the top. But when he becomes convinced that he has terminal stomach cancer, rather than die a slow and painful death, he succumbs to his lifelong demons, taking his own life.


  MARJORIE POST – Caucasian Female age range 28- 35

After the untimely death of her father, Marjorie takes it upon herself to carry the family legacy forward, taking the reigns of her father’s multimillion-dollar company even though society doesn’t yet believe women can run corporations. She may be an heiress, but don’t let that fool you. She’s not afraid to shatter the glass ceiling, or to be the sole woman in a “man’s world.”  She’s intelligent, decisive, and brimming with self-confidence. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, yet she’s always a lady. Well-mannered and used to the finer things in life, Marjorie is also steel-willed and won’t let anything or anyone stand in her way.


 CLARENCE BIRDSEYE – Caucasian Male age range 28-35

Forced to drop out of college after his family lost their money in the stock market, Clarence Birdseye chose to become an outdoorsman living off the land. But when he discovers the ancient Inuit technique of quick-freezing fish in Canada’s harsh -40°F temperatures, he returns home determined to change America’s bad attitude toward frozen food, and make a killing in the process. Using his knack for problem-solving and his love for engineering, Birdseye lays claim to more than 200 patents as he invents the modern-day frozen food industry. Part outdoorsmen, part scientist, part entrepreneur, Birdseye lives and thinks outside the box. He’s ahead of his time, which as he learns the hard way, is both a blessing and a curse.


  JOHN PEMBERTON – Caucasian Male age range 55-60

A gifted chemist and one of the leading pharmacists in Atlanta, John Pemberton is a troubled soul. While serving as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Confederate army during the Civil War, he sustained a saber wound to the chest that nearly cost him his life. To manage the chronic, debilitating pain that has plagued him ever since, he self-medicates using morphine and cocaine, becoming addicted to both. But in his search for a miracle tonic to ease his pain, he accidentally invents a fizzy concoction that will come to be known as Coca-Cola.


  ASA CANDLER – Caucasian Male age range 40-49

There are no rules when it comes to business, at least not according to Asa Candler. He shows up uninvited to Pemberton’s funeral and coerces Pemberton’s grieving widow into selling him the rights to Coca-Cola for just $300. Because for Candler, the ends justify the means. He is singularly focused and doesn’t need other people’s opinions.  His fearless approach comes in handy when his inventive marketing schemes transform the soft drink from a local favorite to a national phenomenon. But when he fails to see the future in the bottling business, he makes a short-sighted deal that costs him and his company untold billions.


  MILTON HERSHEY – Caucasian Male age range 40-49

By the time Milton Hershey started in the chocolate business, he was already a young millionaire. Though he may come across like he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, he earned every dollar to his name. A rags to riches story, he’s driven by his unchecked ego. Hershey sets out to create the perfect chocolate, the perfect factory and the perfect town… all according to his own rules and with his name prominently on display. When unemployment skyrockets during the Great Depression, he creates new jobs to help the working class. By all accounts, Hershey is a benevolent leader. But when his employees go on strike demanding higher wages, Hershey’s true colors as an egotistical perfectionist are painfully revealed.


  FRANK MARS – Caucasian Male age range 50-59

Frank Mars is a dreamer, and it’s cost him nearly everything. A childhood illness confined him to his home, where he learned to make candy from his mother.  But after several failed ventures in the candy-making business left him penniless with all his belongings repossessed, his wife divorced him and took their young son, Forrest, with her. Rather than pay child support, Frank sets off to start yet another candy business, abandoning his son completely. Nearly two decades later, when father and son are reunited, Forrest helps Frank expand his small candy company from a local business to the biggest in the country. But traumatized by his past failures, Frank’s fear of expansion puts him at odds with his ambitious son. And when Frank refuses to give Forrest a 30% stake in the company, Frank proves that he never really changed.


  FORREST MARS– Caucasian Male age range 24-29

Growing up without a father, Forrest Mars has learned to rely on no one but himself. Naturally intelligent and exceedingly ambitious, Forrest drops out of college to pursue his entrepreneurial ventures full-time. When he’s reunited with his father, Forrest goes into the family business, determined to prove he’s the son that his father always wanted. Forrest’s vision transforms his father’s business from a local success to a national brand, but his iron will and abrasive personality takes its toll on those around him. And when his father refuses to give him a stake in the family business, Forrest decides to start his own candy company to crush his father’s.


  DICK MCDONALD – Caucasian Male age range 43-48

With his laser focus and extreme attention to detail, Dick McDonald is a perfectionist. When he puts his mind to something, he won’t let anything stop him from achieving. So when he sets out to design the most efficient drive-in restaurant in the country, he refuses to settle for second-best – even if it means tearing down a successful business just so he can start from scratch.


  MAC MCDONALD – Caucasian Male age range 46-49

The softer-spoken of the two McDonalds, Mac has always been the more cautious, responsible older brother. His timidity makes him resistant to change, but his desire to improve and innovate always overcomes his doubts.



Harland Sanders is a self-made success, having built his business from the ground up using his bare hands. A straight shooter with no time for bullshit, he got his start as a gas station operator in one of the most dangerous parts of the South, known as “Hell’s Half-Acre.” After a turf war with a rival gas station owner ended in a deadly shootout, Sanders’ business started to boom. But his most lucrative commodity wasn’t his gas… it was his fried chicken. Using his ingenuity, Sanders re-engineered a pressure cooker into a pressure fryer to dramatically speed up the cooking process. But when America’s new highways leave his roadside restaurant bankrupt, an aging Sanders is forced to start over. So he hits the road with his pressure fryer and secret blend of 11 spices, determined to franchise his chicken across the country.


   HOWARD HEINZ – Caucasian Male age range 24-24

The son of Henry Heinz, Howard inherited his father’s earnest beliefs and sense of ethics. But unlike his father who only has an appreciation for science and technology, Howard is a Yale-trained chemist. Leveraging his expertise, his father sends him on a mission to meet with President Roosevelt to lobby for the Pure Food and Drug Act, cracking down on Heinz’s competition. It will be Howard’s only shot at proving to his father that he’s capable of running the family business.


  WILLIAM MURRIE – Caucasian Male age range 50-55

William Murrie started as Hershey’s top salesman, and quickly rose up the ranks to General Manager and eventually President. A smart, loyal lieutenant, he’s Hershey’s right-hand man and most trusted confidant. Murrie oversees the day-to-day operations of the chocolate factory and earns the name, the “Inventor’s Implementer,” because it seems that whatever idea Hershey can invent, Murrie can make into a success.


 LEILA YOUNG POST Caucasian Female age range 43-48

(mid-late 40s, per casting of C.W. Post)

A gold digger and home wrecker, Leila Young Post has never looked out for anyone but herself. While working as Marjorie Post’s nanny, she started an affair with her employer, C.W. She and C.W. eventually married, but the affair resulted in a lifelong rift between her and a resentful Marjorie. So years later, when Marjorie approaches her after C.W.’s death, hoping to claim her inheritance of a controlling stake in C.W.’s company, Leila has no qualms about extorting Marjorie for everything she’s worth.





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